Cows, Huts, Mud roads, Big tadi trees, Lake, Wells, & Full greenery around with innocent people, Culture & Ethical values vth beautiful relations. these thoughts which floats in our mind when we remember about the villages. But due to modern civilization those valuable things are sinking. Industrialization & other revolutions creating lot of opportunities for the society by looking at these things farmers and other people in the villages are leaving their traditional works migrating towards the cities . so poverty is increasing tremendously.

in ancient times poor person means he will have at least 10 cows and one house and he is sufficient. Our acharya Srila Prabhupada also says if a person is having one cow and small for agriculture then he is self sufficient and he can lead his entire life peacefully with out any disturbance

By taking these words our Hare krishna Movement working hard to revive that real consciousness amount the people for that it is organizing a lot of projects to create a better society and to improve the villages. These programs are has been conducting since 5 years in many villages like Raicharla, Edualbad etc..

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