• This program is to empower the Krishna Ashraya devotees in an area to take ownership for spiritual services.
  • Rotary is a massive example of empowering individuals to render material services to uplift the society materially.
  • But Bhagavad-Gita says this is not sufficient to bring success, peace & happiness in the world.
  • Unless there is a systematic spiritual service propagated in the society, everything else will become only a source of suffering.
  • Spiritual service is defined in Sri Chaitanya Caritamrita as the service which is pleasing to the Almighty Lord Krishna or Vishnu.
  • This spiritual service will not only enliven the people in general but raises their consciousness to higher levels of Krishna consciousness freeing them from burdensome effects of their material services.
  • These spiritual services will bring peace, prosperity and happiness into one’s life and to the society.
  • Actually matter is dependent on Spirit. Without spirit, matter is simply dead & inert. Similarly spiritual service is the basis of happy existence of the person and society. Without these spiritual services, everything else will remain as decorations on a dead body.
  • Given the importance of the spiritual service and the need in the current society, Hare Krishna Movement has started an initiative by name GIFTS in order to give the people a chance to participate in these spiritual services and hence render real beneficial works for the society.

GIFTS stands for Gauranga International Foundation for SpiriTual Services.

Importance of spiritual service as explained in BG:

Spiritual service is free from burden of bondage provided one performs the service for the satisfaction of Vishnu as mentioned below:

yajïärthät karmaëo ‘nyatra

loko ‘yaà karma-bandhanaù

tad-arthaà karma kaunteya

mukta-saìgaù samäcara

“Work done as a sacrifice for Viñëu has to be performed; otherwise work causes bondage in this material world. Therefore, O son of Kunté, perform your prescribed duties for His satisfaction, and in that way you will always remain free from bondage.”

How GIFTS function?

In order to systematically give an opportunity to people in general in spiritual services in various areas, it was decided to implement the following details as part of GIFTS initiative.

GIFTS is a global brand name. It is like FOLK for youth. Following details are draft version and required to Charter a GIFTS in a location.

1. GIFTS will have local chapters in each & every area like Rotary.

2. For example, the chapter in Ayyappa Society will be called GIFTS, Ayyappa Society

3. The chapter will have an executive committee of 3 officials

1. President

2. Secretary

3. Treasurer

4. The term of the officials is ONLY one year.

5. They cannot assume the same position in the next term after the end of the current term.

6. These three executive posts will be selected by the HKM organization.

7. All others are known as “members” who will be part of the local GIFTS

8. The local chapter has the freedom to work on the following spiritual services of GIFTS with the guidance & approval of the HKM.

1. Organize regular classes in the locality

2. Increase the member strength

3. Govinda Kataksham program in the locality

4. Increase in Krishna Ashraya levels

5. Increase in SP Kalpavriksha (Seva Tower)

6. Book distribution

7. Events organized

8. Funds raised

9. Number of Holy Names distributed

The executive committee is evaluated by measuring the above parameters.

The more the local GIFTS increases the above mentioned items, the more the members will get enlivened and the society becomes enlightened.

An enlightened society will automatically bring freedom from fear, lamentation and illusions and thus satisfaction and happiness pervades.

Criteria for Member Enrollment:

1) Minimum of one month of association with HKM temple activities.

2) Should take up chanting of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra at least one round.

3) Should be ready to be regular to weekly classes & weekly services.

Criteria for Executive Member Enrollment:

1) Should be chanting 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

2) Should be associated with HKM for minimum of 6 months.

Roles & responsibilities of the GIFTS executive team:

9.1) One should try his best to expand the mission as per the parameters defined above.

9.2) The executive team should deal with everyone lovingly with respect and appreciation. Lord Rama appreciated the service of a squirrel as well as Hanuman.

9.3) Only by love & trust and devotion to Lord, we can attract more people to our mission.

9.4) Without hesitation and with great enthusiasm & boldness one should spread the mission of the Lord. This will please the Supreme Person.

Mood of the GIFTS executive team:

1.1) They should render these duties as a service to Srila Prabhupada for his pleasure and for the pleasure of Lord Sri Krishna.

1.2) These positions are meant for glorifying the Lord and enhancing spiritual services in the society.

1.3) These positions are not meant for exploitation and activities of pride.

1.4) One should remain a humble servant of Lord and execute the duties as sanctioned by the Lord.

1.5) One should be satisfied with the position given by the Lord and execute the services with utmost care & devotion.

1.6) By rendering service to Krishna one attracts all auspiciousness in his own life and in the life of everybody.

1.7) One should accept these positions as a rare opportunity to serve the preaching mission of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

1.8) When one wants to serve sincerely then the Lord, from within the heart, will give all intelligence required so that the devotee can easily render these services.

1.9) Any anxiety taken to do these services will be noted by Lord who will ensure that the devotee’s other material anxieties are nullified.

Blessings to the members:

1) First & foremost are the blessings of the Lord Himself on the devotee. This will make the devotee happy and blissful.

2) One becomes dear to the spiritual master of the age, Srila Prabhupada.

3) Special sessions of associations with the senior missionaries.

4) Special pujas on the important dates of the exe members.

5) Opportunity to participate in special meetings exclusively for executive members. GIFTS execution related points:

The maximum group size is approximately 100 devotees.

The executive team will form teams with-in the members for executing the various services.

Formation of Groups & Group Coordinators:

1. The selection of the Group Coordinators is done under the guidance of the HKM missionaries devotees.

2. Each group will have a maximum of 15 members.

3. As the group increase above 15 to 20 – it further gets divided into two.

10 slogans for congregation

  • Pure devotional Sevice (Seva without motivations) is the Foundation
  • Sacrifice for the propagation of mission
  • Respect the devotees particularly the ones who dedicated themselves fully
  • Temple is not meant for politics, gossip or exploitation
  • Temple is for Seva, contribution and austerity
  • Temple Guests are our Guests and should give them all facilities and comfort
  • Spiritual life means no demands
  • Come to Temple for giving not for taking
  • Daily Sadhana is key
  • Purity is the force



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Hare Krishna.. GIFTS is a wonderful platform to revive our lost relationship with God.It helped me immensely in transforming the desire for serving. into practical action.The best things about GIFTS programs is that, they are not stereotype/dull ritualist activities rather they are very dynamic and joyfyl. at times challenging as well.

VAMASHI(TV Reporter)

It was excellent program conducted by HKM hyd. Every body in the world are willing to do sing and dance and due to circumstances they were unable to do that but in this program everybody from child to old are singing and dancing its awesome.


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