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“Hare Krishna Vani is a divine magazine implied for teaching the curious aficionados, well-wishers, friends, supporters, Jnanis, Karmis, seekers of the truth, Yogis, donors, and devotees of HKM in the science of Sri Krishna. It trains them in the tools and techniques of spirituality existence in order to reconnect them to the most alluring form of the Lord Sri Krishna. It likewise educates them of the different activities of Hare Krishna Movement.

Hare Krishna Vani has a claim to fame. The message or Vani it contains follows the lessons of bonafide Guru Shishya Sampradaya. The Padma Purana specifies around 4 authentic Sampradayas for learning the Science of Lord Sri Hari. Srila Prabhupada, who established Hare Krishna Movement (HKM), comes in one of the 4 authentic sampradayas. He is the 32nd Acharya and the current Acharya in the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Sampradaya originating from Lord Krishna specifically. Subsequently, the Vani contained inside this magazine is a completely authentic message of the colossal sages and the Lord Himself gotten an advanced organization of a magazine for the simple assimilation of shastric conclusions. Any individual who is blessed to peruse the magazine is in direct touch with Lord Krishna via the transparent medium of Sampradaya.

A reader can read this magazine from the primary page till the last page or can read a specific article of his interest. Every one of the readers of this magazine is urged to impart this message to their dear ones to soothe them from the agonies of this world and to get a profound spiritual advantage.”

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